ASUS ARESIII-8GD5 Radeon R9 290X 8GB 1024-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 HDCP Ready Video Card

Manufacturer: ASUS
SKU: 2017361
Part number: ARESIII-8GD5
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Quick overview ROG ARESIII-8GD5 ASUS ROG Ares III: Limited Edition. Unlimited Power Dual R9 290X Factory-Overclocked to 1030MHz- Delivering a 15% faster performance than GTX Titan Z Made for Water-Cooled Rig Featuring Custom-Designed EK Water Block - Running at 25% cooler than reference R9 295X2 DIGI+ VRM with Black Metallic Capacitors and 16-Phase Super Alloy Power:30%-Less power noise and 5X-greater durability GPU Tweak:Modify clock speeds, voltages, fan performance and more, all via an intuit